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2D Long Offset / Source Vessel

S/V Osprey Explorer joined the fleet August 2006 after being converted to 2D Long offset/source vessel in Poland.

S/V Osprey Explorer is the first Worldwide Maritime vessel that DNV has classed as "Seismic Vessel".

Marine and Seismic specifications below describes the general characteristics for the vessel.   

Vessel Specifications  
Type   2D / Source 
Year Built  1985
Rebuilt  2006
Length Overall  81.16m
Beam  15.96m
Mean Draft  5.65m
Transit Speed 12 Knots                                        
Accommodation, Hospital   39.1
VSAT CIR/MIR 768 kbs/2304kbs


Acquisition System                
Streamer  Seal ALS
Phone Type  SLH-20       
Recording System Sercel Seal 408XL, 2000ch
Real-Time QC  Sercel Esqc-Pro
Streamer Length  1 x 12000m


Navigation & Positioning      
INS  SeaProNav
Vessel Positioning  Dual Fugro Starfix G2/XP2
Source Positioning SeaMap BuoyLink
Streamer Positioning SeaMap BuoyLink, ION 5011 Digibird


Energy Source                         
Source Controller  SeaMap Gunlink 2000                     
Source Elements  Bolt 1900 LLXT
Sub Arrays  6 (Single / Dual Source)
Volume  Up to 8000 cu.in.
Operating Pressure  2000 psi


QC Quality Control                 
Navigation QC  FGPS Seispos / P1 Tools                 
QC Seismic Processing  GNS Globe Claritas
Project Reporting  MultiSeis Project Manager