Voyager Explorer

Source / 2D / 3D Shallow Water Vessel

M/V Voyager Explorer joined the fleet in August 2011. The vessel is designed for shallow and deep water operation worldwide.

Marine and Seismic specifications below describe the general characteristics for the vessel.

Vessel Specifications

TypeSource, 2D and 3D Shallow Water
Year Built2005
Length Overall67.81 m
Beam16 m
Mean Draft4.65 m
Transit Speed10 Knots
Accommodation / Hospital47 / 1

Acquisition System

StreamerSentinel 3 Hz
Recording SystemSercel Seal 428
Real-Time QC
Streamer Lengths4 x 6000m, 2 x 12000m, 1 x 12000m

Seismic Navigation & Positioning

Vessel PositioningDual Fugro Starfix G2/XP2
Source PositioningSeaMap BuoyLink
Streamer PositioningSeaMap BuoyLink, ION 5011 Digibird

Energy Source

Source ControllerSeaMap Gunlink 2000
Source ElementsBolt 1900 LLXT
Sub Arrays6 (Single / Dual / Tripple Source)
VolumeUp to 8000
Operating Pressure2000 psi

QC Quality Control

Navigation QCFGPS Seispos / P1 Tools
QC Seismic ProcessingOpen CPS
Prospect PlanningSurvopt
Project ReportingMultiSeis Project Manager