Osprey Explorer

2D Long Offset / Source Vessel

S/V Osprey Explorer joined the fleet August 2006 after being converted to 2D and Source vessel in Poland.

S/V Osprey Explorer was at the time the first Worldwide Maritime vessel that DNV had classed as a “Seismic Vessel”.

Marine and Seismic specifications below describe the general characteristics for the vessel.

Vessel Specifications

Year Built1985
Length Overall81.16 m
Beam15.96 m
Mean Draft5.65 m
Transit Speed12 Knots
Accommodation / Hospital39 / 1

Navigation & Positioning

Vessel PositioningDual Fugro Starfix G2/XP2
Source PositioningSeaMap BuoyLink
Streamer PositioningSeaMap BuoyLink, ION 5011 Digibird
Echo SounderKongsberg EA400, 38kHz & 200kHz depth range 2 000m

Energy Source

Source ControllerSeaMap Gunlink 2000
Source ElementsBolt 1900 LLXT
Sub Arrays6 (Single / Dual Source)
VolumeUp to 8000 cu.in.
Operating Pressure2000 psi

QC Quality Control

Navigation QCFGPS Seispos / P1 Tools
QC Seismic ProcessingGNS Globe Claritas
Project ReportingMultiSeis Project Manager