Nordic Explorer

3D/ 2D Long Offset / Source Vessel

M/V Nordic Explorer joined the fleet in 2019. The vessel can operate worldwide as either a 3D, 2D or Source vessel.

Marine and Seismic specifications below describe the general characteristics for the vessel.

Vessel Specifications

OwnerØstervold Seismikk AS
Port of RegistryNassau
Built / Rebuilt1986 / 1993
Class Notation+1A1, E0, HELDK, Ice (1A)
IMO Number8517449
Ship TypeSeismic Research Vessel
Call SignC6TU3
Overall Length81.10 m
Breadth moulded/ extreme16.50 m
Draught mean/ max8.10 m
Gross Tonnage3861
Net Tonnage1159
Deadweight1593 t
Max Speedapprox 12 knots @ 22 t/24hrs
Cruising Speedapprox 10 knots @ 13t/24hrs
Fuel Consumption SourceTypically 13t/24hrs (depending on source configuration and speed)
Fuel Capacity1400 m3 MGO
Fresh Water110 m³

Power specifications

Engines1 x Wickman 12Wx28 3960 kW
Total PropulsionSingle screw gear, 3960kW
Propellers1 x CPP in Nozzle Wickman
Azimuth Thruster2 x 800kW Brunvoll CPP
Bow Thrusters1 x 360kW Brunvoll
Stern Thrusters1 x 590 kW Brunvoll
Auxiliary Generator1 x CAT 3516
2 x CAT 3512

Communication Systems

VHF3 x XH851 and 6x SP 3520 SAILOR GMDSS
MF/HF RadioSailor MF/HF 6310
Inmarsat C00870 764920165 , 00870 764920166
Fleet Broadband /IridiumSeaTel 9707 C-band
Vsat Receivers & Number1 x Sea Tel C Band antenna and modem iDirect X7 (MARLINK)
Marisat Receivers & NumberYes
Emergency Radio Beacon (Epirb)TRON 40S MkII
Ship/Air Craft RadioICOM IC-110 EURO,BECKER AR3201, 3 X ICOM IC-A6E

Navigation Systems

RadarsFuruno FR 2827 X-band ice radar
JRC JMA 5332-12m S-band ice radar
Gyro CompassMeridian Surveyor
AutopilotRobertson AP 9 MK III, Robtrack
Speed LogFuruno DS-80 Doppler
Echo SounderFuruno FE 700 Depth 800 meter
Simrad EA 600 Depth 9000 meter
ECDISTECDIS 1, C-MAP, w/ ARPA, AIS connected

Energy Source

Compressors3 X LMF 42/138, Electrical Driven
Total Air Capacity3 x 1 500 CFM
Gun ControllerRTS BigShot
Number of Channels96 lines (48 pairs / channels) per gun string
Sensor and Fire command resolution0.1 ms IE 100us
Gun Sync SpecsUp to +/- 1.0 ms, depends on contract
Timing AlgorithmPositive Peak
Source TypeBolt 1900 LLXT
Source ConfigurationSingle & Double
Number of Subarrays6
Guns per Subarray max14
Operating Pressure2000 psi
Sub Array TypeRigid Baro Floats
In-Line distance7 positions @ Inline offsets 3m , 2 m , 2m , 2m , 2m , 3 m
Characteristics of firing control unitZero crossing, level detect, peek detect
Type, No. and location of near-field hydrophonesAGH-7100C, 1 per Gun or Gun Cluster x6 per subarray
Type, No. and location of depth sensorsDEPTH INDICATOR: AG (AGH-D500) and Seamap depth transducers
Location: 1st cluster and 7th cluster (Total two per gun string)
PRESSURE INDICATOR: AG (AGM-P600) pressure transducer
Location: 1st cluster (Total one per gun string)
Minimum recycle timeDepends on source volume and SP interval
Shut-off valvesNot in use
Steering systemFix point Baro rigid keel

Seismic Navigation

INSOrca v 1.15
Vessel PositioningFugro Starfix G2/XP2
Source PositioningSatpos Citius
Streamer PositioningTB Satpos Citius, ION Digicourse system digibird 5011 depth keeping and position. CTX and CMX for acoustics.
Echo SounderKongsberg EA 600 Single beam 12 kHz & 200 kHz range up to 3000 meters

Seismic Recording

RecordingION Digistreamer IAS, 2000ch
StreamerION Solid 2Hz Digistreamer
Winches / Tow points6 winches and 2 lead-in winches
Realtime Source QCNot installed, subject to project requirements
Onboard Streamer QCReveal processing software (Online and Offline QC) and
ION Digistreamer IAS

Arrangement/ Accommodation

Cabin TypesSingle Cabins and
Double Cabins
Total54 Berths
Conference Room1 Conference Room
Recreational Room2 Day Rooms and 1 Gym

Equipment & Certification

Helicopter Deck RatingHELDK D 19.5m - 9.3t
Fire FightingPop-up system for Helideck
Non Directional BeaconTELCON DPU-230/48-10
Ship/Air CommunicationICOM IC-110 EURO,BECKER AR3201, 3 X ICOM IC-A6E
Motion Weather InfoShoreconnection HMS

Safety Equipment

Mob BoatNorsafe LOA 7,70 m, 10 person, 28 knots
Life Raft11x20 people, 1x12 people
Seismic WorkboatJemar Norpower 22’ 5 pax