Eagle Explorer

3D/ 2D Long Offset / Source Vessel

M/V Eagle Explorer joined the fleet in 2018. The vessel can operate worldwide as either a 3D, 2D or Source vessel.

Marine and Seismic specifications below describe the general characteristics for the vessel.

Vessel Specifications

OwnerSeaBird Explorations Vessels Limited
Port of RegistryLimassol
Built / Rebuilt2009
Class NotationC + AUT UMS, AVM DPS redundant propulsion, special service - research ship; unrestricted navaigation
IMO Number9381299
Ship TypeVS 492 SRV (Seismic Research Vessel)
Call Sign5BLC5
Overall Length93.96 m
Breadth / Beam19,00 / 25.7 m
Max Draught6.10 m (+0,5 Transducer)
Gross Tonnage7969
Net Tonnage2391
Deadweight2902 t
Freeboard1410 mm
Max Speedapprox 13 knots @ 24 t/24hrs
Cruising Speedapprox 11 knots @ 19t/24hrs
Fuel Consumption SourceTypically 13t/24hrs (depending on source configuration and speed)
Fuel Capacity2512 m3 MGO
Fresh Water296 m³
Fresh Water ProductionFWG – 20m³, R.O - 20m³
Roll Reduction TanksIntegrated ballast tank acting as anti roll tank

Power specifications

Engines4 x Wärtsilä 9L26 3060KW + 1 x Wärtsilä 6L26 1950kW @1000 Rpm
Total PropulsionDiesel Electric, 6600kW
Propellers2 x Wärtsila 3300kW Steerable Azimuth Thrusters Type – Lips, Fixed Pitch With Nozzle
Azimuth Thruster1 x 800kW Schottel (Type JPS 220T)
Bow ThrustersBrunvoll 590kW
Stern ThrustersN/A
Generators4 x Converteam Synchronous AC Generator, 3675kVA
Auxiliary Generator1 x Converteam Synchronous AC Generator, 2337kVA
Emergency Generator1 x Caterpillar, 3412C, 534kW, 600kVA
Electrical Distribution220V, 415V & 690V @ 50Hz
U.P.S.2 x General Electric
Bollard Pull110 Tonnes, (70 Tonnes @ 5 Knots)

Communication Systems

Portable VHF2 x JHS-780D VHF
1 x Tron TR20 Jotron
3XJHS -7 VHF GMDSS Portable
4 x Gp 360 VHF Portable Motorola
8 x Gp 360 UHF Portable Motorola
4 x Gm 380 UHF Fixed Inst. Motorola
MF/HF RadioJSS-296 AR GMDSS Radio Station
Inmarsat A Receivers & NumberN/A
Inmarsat B Receivers & NumberN/A
Inmarsat C2 x JUE-85C
Fleet Broadband /IridiumFleet Broadband 250 and Iridium Pilot
Vsat Receivers & Number2 x Seatel 9711 VSAT, C & Ku-Band System, 8 Voice
Marisat Receivers & NumberYes
Weather FacsimileNavtex
Navtex ReceiverNCR-333 Navtex Receiver
SafetySSAS Polestar
Data TransferCIR 768 Kbps – Mir 3072 Kbps
Emergency Radio Beacon (Epirb)Tron 45SX / Tron 40S JOTRON
Ship/Air Craft RadioAirband VHF TR810 / 3XICOM A6E
Radar Transponder2 x Tron SART JOTRON

Navigation Systems

RadarsJRC S-Band, JRC X-Band JMA, Seahawk High-Res Radar
Gyro Compass2 x MT Bridgemate Meridian Gyrocompass, 1 x Alphatron Alpha Minicourse
AutopilotSimrad AP70
Speed LogConsilium SAL T2
Echo SounderSkipper GDS 101 (Range 1000m)
Steering System (Autopilot)N/A
Tracking SystemMT LLC (IBS)
GPSR4 Navigator DGPS X 2
Magnetic CompassN/A
Wind IndicatorDEIF WSS + GILL Wind Observer II
Voyage RecorderMARIS

Energy Source

Compressors3 X LMF 62/138 – 207 E60, Electrical Driven 1300KW
Total Air Capacity3 x 2 200 CFM
Gun ControllerSeamap Gunlink 2000
Number of Channels48 per gun array
Sensor and Fire command resolution0.1 ms IE 100us
Gun Sync SpecsUp to +/- 1.0 ms, depends on contract
Timing AlgorithmPositive Peak
Source TypeG-Gun I and G-Gun II
Source ConfigurationSingle, Double & Tripple
Number of Subarrays6
Guns per Subarray max12
Operating Pressure2000 psi
Sub Array TypeRigid Baro Floats
In-Line distance6 positions @ 3m
Characteristics of firing control unitZero crossing, level detect, peek detect
Type, No. and location of near-field hydrophonesAGH-7100C, 1 per Gun or Gun Cluster x6 per subarray
Type, No. and location of depth sensorsType; AGH-D500 Marine Gun depth transducer
Location: 1st cluster 3rd cluster 6th cluster (Total x3 example) PRESSURE INDICATOR: AGH-P600 (5TH CLUSTER TOTAL X1 EXAMPLE)
Minimum recycle time6 s, depends on source volume
Shut-off valvesSOV Aarbakke
Steering systemFix point Baro rigid keel

Seismic Navigation

Vessel PositioningDual Fugro Starfix G2/XP2
Source PositioningKongsberg SeaTrack 220
Streamer PositioningKongsberg SeaTrack 330, ION 5011 Digibird
Echo SounderKongsberg EA 600 Single beam 12 kHz, 38 kHz & 200 kHz range 10 000m

Seismic Recording

RecordingSercel Seal 428
StreamerSentinel 3 Hz
Winches / Tow points10 / 12

Arrangement/ Accommodation

Cabin Types35 Single Cabins
15 Double Cabins
1 Four Berth Cabins
Total51 Cabins and 69 Berths
Conference and Training Room1 Conference Room
Sauna and Fitness Room4 Day Rooms and 1 Gym

Equipment & Certification

Helicopter Deck Rating1A1 HELDK
Fire Fighting2 X Foam Monitors AFF Foam System
Non Directional BeaconDS-410 Homing Beacon
Ship/Air CommunicationAirband VHF ICOM A6E
Motion Weather InfoHMS From Shore-Connection

Safety Equipment

Mob BoatNorsafe Magnum 750
EPIRB2 X Jotron
Life Raft6 X 35 Person Viking DKP
Immersion SuitsViking PS2004 = 50 Units, Viking PS5006 = 25 Units
Life VestsViking Solid Life Jacket PV9500 = 150 Units
Seismic Workboat7t Davit