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SeaBird Exploration seeks an open communication with the capital markets. We strive to be timely and accurate in our communication and to enhance the understanding of our business.

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Stock price for SeaBird Exploration can be found at Oslo Bors.

Top 20 Shareholders - 29.11.2022

173842159.17561MH CAPITAL ASNorway
260192367.47949ANDERSON INVEST ASNorway
350753016.30656GRUNNFJELLET ASNorway
446808395.8164ALDEN ASNorway
538903714.83417EUROPA LINK ASNorway
632557754.04562STORFJELL ASNorway
825003003.10687LANGEBRU ASNorway
920000002.4852ALPINE CAPITAL ASNorway
1116667002.07104VICAMA CAPITAL ASNorway
1312700001.5781HAUSTKOLLHOLMEN ASNorway
1412153391.51018UBS AGUnited Kingdom
1511254461.39848MIEL HOLDING ASNorway
169836371.22227DNB BANK ASANorway
179531221.18435F STORM ASNorway
188903071.10629SANDBERG JH ASNorway
198833331.09763HUBRIS INDUSTRIER ASNorway
ISINCY0101162119, CY0200210918
Number of investors5463
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Financial calendar

Financial year 2022


24.02.2023 – Quarterly Report – Q4



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Articles of Association

Memorandum and Articles of Association, outlining principal of SeaBird’s business and responsibilities and rights of directors and shareholders.

Investor Relation Contact

Sveinung Alvestad

Chief Finance Officer (Interim)

Mobile: +47 952 90 460

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